These Popular Android Apps Draining Phone’s Battery Removed From Google Play

Google has sprung back to action once again, and has been forced to remove a slew of Android apps from the Play Store. As per the details shared by McAfee in report, there is a new Clicker adware that has made its way into the Play Store via multiple Android apps.

The report states that 16 Android apps have been found to be draining battery of smartphone, and the nature of these apps might have affected widely because of its 20 million installation.

“Once the application is opened, it downloads its remote configuration by executing an HTTP request. After the configuration is downloaded, it registers the FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) listener to receive push messages,” McAfee wrote in a blogpost.

The report explains that the app can easily bypass various checks, but since it is hiding features that enable ad fraud, it can cause other issues for the devices.

And its statement begins to make sense, when you read that the malicious code was found on basic yet useful apps like Flashlight or torch, QR readers, camera, unit converters, and task managers. Having 16 of these Android apps, with 20 million downloads is a concerning stat.

Thankfully, McAfee has notified Google that all the apps mentioned in the report are not available on the Play Store anymore. It also claims that the apps put through the Google Play Protect feature ensures it blocks these apps on Android.

This isn’t the first time when we are hearing about Google facing concerns with Android apps. Play Protect claims to provide with adequate checks, but that hasn’t stopped such apps from bypassing into the Play Store frequently.